Let’s become Human delphinus

Humankind can become a

dolphin by using pectoral fin.

By using this dolphin swim board,

you will find a fun of wave diving.

By get in the water and stay in the underwater world, we may be freed from various unnecessary thoughts and have a chance to find ourselves.  We Mammal design develop products that human beings to enjoy underwater as marine mammals. Our products “Mammal wing swim board ” (Dolphin swim board) is an epoch-making board fin learned from nature with new concept. Become a dolphin and enjoy wave diving with your pectoral fins.

Products:Our products are proprietary products such as Mammal wing (trademark registered) swim board and Manta Flyer .  As a result of about 10 years of trial and error research, it has become the current shape. products are handmade by Japanese veteran craftsman.   This products is Eco-friendly, no electricity or motor required. 

We are not selling overseas at this time due to small quantity production, but if you are interested, please contact us.